Richmond: Building an Affordable, Sustainable Richmond – Mayor Malcolm Brodie’s 2024 Annual Address

Presented on February 28, 2024

The City of Richmond continues to make significant strides in housing affordability, business development, community safety, and sustainability Mayor Malcolm Brodie told business leaders at his annual address today.

Speaking at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce event, Mayor Brodie focused on some of the key initiatives and actions of the past year that have created an environment of economic stability and encouraged business investment across the City.

“Richmond has always been a civic leader as our City Council has enacted bold, innovative, sustainable programs and strategies for the benefit of our residents and businesses,” said Mayor Brodie. “Although 2023 saw the economy experience stubbornly high inflation and interest rates, Richmond showcased an active year with a robust, stable economy.”

The Mayor emphasized the importance of developing affordable and rental housing throughout the City, with over 1,000 townhouses and condominium units approved over the past year. Of these, almost 300 will be affordable rental units and nearly 200 permanently secured for market rental. A review of Richmond’s Official Community Plan is looking at even more affordable housing options, especially in areas with strong transit connections.

On the business front, Richmond recently being named the region’s Most Business-Friendly City reflects its robust economy and innovative approaches to industrial land use and development, the Mayor said. The City’s Resilient Economy Strategy and the Industrial Lands Intensification Initiative have spurred job creation and sustainable growth. Over 13,000 Richmond businesses currently employ around 125,000 workers across the city.

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Mayor’s address and applauded his commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting economic development.

“This is the 13th consecutive year our Chamber has had the pleasure of hosting Mayor Brodie’s Annual Address,” said Shaena Furlong, President and CEO of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. “This tradition is very special for us now and we hear time and time again what a great opportunity it is for the employer community to connect directly to the Mayor and Councillors at this event.”

Along with economic progress, Mayor Brodie told the audience of local business leaders and stakeholders that community safety and preparedness remain priorities for the City. “The effort to keep the residents and businesses safe utilizes our responsive infrastructure as well as our investment in emergency services. The Mitchell Island Fire Prevention Taskforce and the new Community Policing Office in Hamilton are notable efforts towards ensuring a safe environment for residents and businesses alike,” he said.

A cornerstone of Richmond’s vision is sustainability, with the City’s innovative Circular City Strategy leading the way towards a zero-waste future. “Our progress in water conservation, green transportation, and the Lulu Island District Energy program exemplify Richmond’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy,” said Mayor Brodie.

Building a vibrant, inclusive community through expanded childcare services, youth engagement, recreational programs, and cultural events are further examples of the City’s ongoing efforts to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for a brighter, more sustainable future. “The ‘Richmond Stories’ video series and the City’s active social media presence continue to play vital roles in connecting and engaging with residents, while promoting Richmond’s rich history and diversity,” said Mayor Brodie.

“The many achievements during 2023 will ensure that Richmond remains a safe and resilient City and improve the civic environment and quality of life for all,” he said. “We are confident the future of Richmond will remain strong for future generations.”

Read Mayor Malcolm Brodie’s 2024 Annual Address:
PDF Document Richmond: Building an Affordable, Sustainable Richmond

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