Alternate Distribution Channels for Local Businesses

The closure of brick and mortar stores resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has forced local businesses to pivot from their everyday ‘business as usual’. This new way of life has led local businesses to find alternate means to distribute their products. Below is a list of options available for your local small business when considering alternate distribution channels for your products.

  1. Routific – Shop Local

Vancouver’s Routific makes software for local delivery businesses and powers over 4 million deliveries per month. To give back to their hometown economy, Routific has launched Shop Local, an online hub for Metro Vancouverites to discover bakeries, florists, breweries, and other companies that deliver in their area.

    • Small businesses are welcome to submit products for consideration here.

2. Skipper Otto – Community Supported Fishery

Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery was founded in 2008 to reconnect fishing families directly to consumers, cutting out the middle man. Skipper Otto members enjoy fair trade, sustainable seafood, while simultaneously pledging to support BC fishing families.

    • Learn more about Skipper Otto and their fishermen here.

3. BC Local Root

Good to Grow created an online grocery platform for delivery and curbside pick-up of locally processed products. This platform was created in an effort to save local food processors who have lost significant sales due to market channel slow-downs and restaurant closures.

    • If you are a local processor and interested in offering your products online email us at [email protected]

4. Shopify

Hoping to get your products online? Shopify has created a step by step guide on how to start selling online to continue delivering products safely to your local customers.

    • Get your business online and read the guide here

5. TruLocal  – Monthly Meat Delivery

The TruLocal platform connects consumers directly to the source of your meat products, while bringing local producers into the digital age. Richmond’s Organic Ocean Seafood is the newest supplier to TruLocal British Columbia!

  • Considering becoming a meat supplier for TruLocal? Learn more about the company here.

6. Legends Haul – Home Grocery Delivery

Legends Haul offers chef chosen, consciously sourced ingredients that support local farmers, producers and restaurants to bring you their new home grocery delivery sector!

  • Connect with Legends Haul here.

Did we miss any distribution channels? Email us at [email protected].

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