Advancing BC’s Manufacturing Sector – De-Risking Emerging Market Opportunity (DEMO) Toolkit

Decisions to retool and invest in new product markets are necessary to stay relevant, but they can carry significant risk for manufacturers. This Advanced Manufacturing De-Risking Emerging Market Opportunities (DEMO) toolkit was designed to guide manufacturers through the process of identifying, evaluating, and addressing the risks that come with pursuing an emerging market opportunity

Taking the leap into a new product market comes with risk, including market risks, transition risks, and operational risks. This toolkit is designed to help identify, evaluate, and respond to risks before they arise. The goal is to help manufacturers explore opportunities and help to inform manufacturers about when to enter a new product market or when to hold back.

The Advanced Manufacturing DEMO toolkit is divided into three sections:
1. Market Risks
2. Transition Risks
3. Operational Risks

The toolkit can be used as a step-by-step guide or as a set of individual exercises. A quick first pass through the toolkit can help identify risk “red flags” and eliminate poor investment decisions. A deeper dive into each section on a second pass is recommended for the most promising opportunities.

Access the DEMO Toolkit HERE.

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