The City of Richmond COVID-19 Business Support Centre provides a centralized, virtual source of accurate and timely information and resources for local businesses who are being impacted by the current pandemic.

  • Get information about support programs and resources for businesses from all levels of government and other agencies
  • Learn about current City of Richmond initiatives for business
  • Find out how to access City services for businesses

In addition to this website, businesses can access the COVID-19 Business Support Centre by:

  • City of Richmond COVID-19 Business Bulletins

    Regular e-bulletins have been distributed to share key information on resources, support and initiatives for businesses impacted by COVID-19. These bulletins can be found below.

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  • Temporary Outdoor Patio Program

    As a response measure to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the City of Richmond introduced an expedited patio application process to assist businesses seeking to recover from closures and other impacts caused by the pandemic. The Expedited Temporary Outdoor Patio (TOP) program allowed restaurants, cafes and pubs to quickly expand outdoor seating, either by using private property, parking lots, or approved space on City sidewalks.

    As of October 31, 2021, the TOP program stopped accepting applications. Current valid TOP permit holders can continue to operate their patios until June 1, 2023. Any liquor service associated with a TOP can continue until March 31, 2023.

    On May 16 2022, the City of Richmond approved the new ongoing Richmond Patio Program at a public hearing. Building on the success of the TOP program, this program is an ongoing opportunity for additional patio types and provides greater flexibility for businesses considering their future options.

    The Richmond Patio Program is now open for applications.

  • Advancing BC's Manufacturing Sector - De-Risking Emerging Market Opportunity (DEMO) Toolkit

    Decisions to retool and invest in new product markets are necessary to stay relevant, but they can carry significant risk for manufacturers. This Advanced Manufacturing De-Risking Emerging Market Opportunities (DEMO) toolkit was designed to guide manufacturers through the process of identifying, evaluating, and addressing the risks that come with pursuing an emerging market opportunity

    Taking the leap into a new product market comes with risk, including market risks, transition risks, and operational risks. This toolkit is designed to help identify, evaluate, and respond to risks before they arise. The goal is to help manufacturers explore opportunities and help to inform manufacturers about when to enter a new product market or when to hold back.

    The Advanced Manufacturing DEMO toolkit is divided into three sections:
    1. Market Risks
    2. Transition Risks
    3. Operational Risks

    The toolkit can be used as a step-by-step guide or as a set of individual exercises. A quick first pass through the toolkit can help identify risk “red flags” and eliminate poor investment decisions. A deeper dive into each section on a second pass is recommended for the most promising opportunities.

    Access the DEMO Toolkit HERE.

  • Supply Chain Resiliency Program

    Help us better understand your manufacturing business.

    With funding from the Province of BC, the City of Richmond is implementing an Industrial Capabilities Inventory to understand manufacturing capabilities of local manufacturers and identify companies that could potentially support emergency supplies production beyond pandemic emergencies, as well as identify other business diversification opportunities.

    Gain access to new opportunities.

    Information collected through this project will provide the information necessary for participating companies to access:

    • Future collaboration opportunities,
    • Support for technology adoption,
    • Opportunities to support federal and provincial emergency procurement, and
    • Suggested methods for de-risking future market opportunities.

  • Richmond-Made PPE and COVID-19 Safety Supplies

    With the re-opening of many businesses, PPE and safety supplies are in high demand. We’ve compiled a list of Richmond-made medical and personal protective equipment required to combat COVID-19. If you are a Richmond manufacturer or supplier of these products, or you are in the process of retooling to manufacture these crucial products, please contact us at [email protected]. View the list HERE.

  • Opportunities for Suppliers and Manufacturers

    Learn how your business can supply or manufacture essential goods and services to help the government combat the coronavirus. Support is also available for companies seeking to re-tool or pivot their existing operations. To view these procurement channels and resources, click HERE.


  • Alternate Distribution Channels for Local Businesses

    The closure of brick and mortar stores resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has forced local businesses to pivot from their everyday ‘business as usual’. This new way of life has led local businesses to find alternate means to distribute their products. To view the list, click HERE.

  • Richmond Food Recovery Network

    Richmond food businesses can join the Richmond Food Recovery Network for free to easily and securely find a home for their overstock, mislabeled, close to expiry, distressed and aesthetically-imperfect food. This surplus food can either be sold to another business to recover some of the cost, or donated to local charities to support those in most need. To join the Richmond Food Recovery Network click HERE.

  • Government Support for Businesses and Individuals

    British Columbians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are able to access income supports, tax relief, and direct funding for people, businesses, and services.

    Government of Canada

    Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan has recently been updated as of October 2020. Programs have ended, been updated, and new ones have been added. A full list of financial support, loans and access to credit from the Government of Canada can be found HERE.

    Province of BC

    A full list of financial support, loans and access to credit from the Province of BC can be found HERE.

  • December 2020 Report: Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Richmond

    The analysis contained in this report centres not only on economic recovery but on opportunities for building long-term economic resilience. It looks at the economic
    impacts of COVID-19 on the City of Richmond from three angles: the impact to specific business sectors, the impact to specific occupations & demographics,
    and the impacts to commercial, industrial, and retail spaces in the city.

    This research was developed to help inform economic recovery efforts in the City of Richmond by:

    • Identifying the economic role Richmond plays in the region and opportunities for leadership in province-wide economic recovery efforts;
    • Identifying the specific workforce, sector, and space impacts of COVID-19 in the City of Richmond; and
    • Identifying areas of economic potential for further investigation by the City of Richmond’s economic development team and partner organizations

    View the report HERE.

  • June 2020 Report: City of Richmond COVID-19 Economic Response & Recovery Actions

    In addition to ensuring public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting local businesses and economic recovery is a top priority for the City of Richmond. This report outlines some of the actions taken, underway or planned to help mitigate the permanent loss of businesses and jobs in Richmond, and to support economic recovery. View the report HERE.