The City of Richmond has launched a Business Resilience Program to help local entrepreneurs recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and adapt their businesses so they can emerge from the crisis thriving and able to withstand future economic shocks.

The program provides businesses with tools and resources from experts including videos, templates and worksheets that can be accessed at the user’s own pace over the next year. It is designed to take an entrepreneur through the process of assessing their current situation, developing new plans and taking simple and achievable steps to strengthen their business. Users of the Richmond Business Resilience Program will also have access to an online community of local entrepreneurs sharing their best practices and ideas, as well as one-on-one support from the City’s Economic Development Office.

Richmond-based businesses and entrepreneurs can access the free program through an online learning platform delivered by the City’s Economic Development office and powered by Spring Activator, a leading global incubator and accelerator empowering entrepreneurs to build better businesses.

Course Format
  • Online program hosted in Thinkific that participants have access to for 12 months.
  • Learners can go at their own pace and jump around to different content depending on their current needs.
  • Each lesson has a video delivering the core content, along with a worksheet and resource guide.
  • Learners will also have access to an online community of curated resources and local entrepreneurs.
Business Resilience Program Course Outline
Introduction- Coming Out Stronger 


Module 1- Your Current Situation 

Step 1- COVID-19 and the recession

Step 2- My Finances & Cost Cutting

Step 3- My Customer Situation

Module 2- Your New Plan 

Step 1- My New Product Plan

Step 2- My New Sales Plan

Step 3- My New Marketing Plan

Step 4- My New Community Plan

Step 5- My New Financial Plan

Step 6- My New Team Plan

Module 3- Running Your Plan 

Step 1- Resilient Leadership

Step 2- Asking for Help

Module 4- Funding Your Plan 

Step 1- All Things Funding

Conclusion- What’s Next

Step 1- All Things Funding


Register for the Richmond Business Resilience Program HERE.

For additional business support, please visit The City of Richmond COVID-19 Business Support Centre which provides a centralized, virtual source of accurate and timely information and resources for local businesses.

  • Get information about support programs and resources for businesses from all levels of government and other agencies
  • Learn about current City of Richmond initiatives for business
  • Find out how to access City services for businesses

In addition to this website, businesses can access the COVID-19 Business Support Centre by: